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Directions :
Millions of Americans and foreigners see GI.Joe as a mindless war toy ,the symbol of American military adventurism, but that’s not how it used to be .To the men and women who 1 )in World War II and the people they liberated ,the GI.was the 2) man grown into hero ,the pool farm kid torn away from his home ,the guy who 3) all the burdens of battle ,who slept in cold foxholes,who went without the 4) of food and shelter ,who stuck it out and drove back the Nazi reign of murder .this was not a volunteer soldier ,not someone well paid ,5) an average guy ,up 6 )the best trained ,best equipped ,fiercest ,most brutal enemies seen in centuries。
His name is not much.GI. is just a military abbreviation 7) Government Issue ,and it was on all of the article 8) to soldiers .And Joe? A common name for a guy who never 9) it to the top .Joe Blow ,Joe Magrac …a working class name.The United States has 10) had a president or vicepresident or secretary of state Joe。
GI .joe had a career fighting German ,Japanese , and Korean troops . He appers as a character ,or a (12 ) of american personalities, in the 1945 movie The Story of GI. Joe, based on the last days of war correspondent Ernie Pyle. Some of the soldiers Pyleportrayde themselves in the film. Pyle was famous for covering the side of the warl, writing about the dirt-snow –and-mud soldiers, not how many miles wereor what towns were captured or liberated, His reportsthe “willie” cartoons of famed Stars and Stripes artist Bill Maulden. Both menthe dirt and exhaustion of war, the of civilization that the soldiers shared with each other and the civilians: coffee, tobacco, whiskey, shelter, sleep. Egypt, France, and a dozen more countries, G.I. Joe was any American soldier,the most important person in their lives。
1.[A] performed [B]served [C]rebelled [D]betrayed
2.[A] actual [B]common [C]special [D]normal
3.[A]bore [B]cased [C]removed [D]loaded
4.[A]necessities [B]facilitice [C]commodities [D]propertoes
5.[A]and [B]nor [C]but [D]hence
6.[A]for [B]into [C] form [D]against
7.[A]meaning [B]implying [C]symbolizing [D]claiming
8.[A]handed out [B]turn over [C]brought back [D]passed down
9.[A]pushed [B]got [C]made [D]managed
10.[A]ever [B]never [C]either [D]neither
11.[A]disguised [B]disturbed [C]disputed [D]distinguished
12.[A]company [B]collection [C]community [D]colony
13.[A]employed [B]appointed [C]interviewed [D]questioned
14.[A]ethical [B]military [C]political [D]human
15.[A]ruined [B]commuted [C]patrolled [D]gained
16.[A]paralleled [B]counteracted [C]duplicated [D]contradicted
17.[A]neglected [B]avoided [C]emphasized [D]admired
18.[A]stages [B]illusions [C]fragments [D]advancea
19.[A]With [B]To [C]Among [D]Beyond
20.[A]on the contrary [B] by this means [C]from the outset [D]at that point
Section II Resdiong Comprehension
Part A
Read the following four texts. answer the question after each text by choosing A,B,C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1.(40 points)
Text 1
Homework has never been terribly popular with students and even many parents, but in recent years it has been particularly scorned. School districts across the country, most recently Los Angeles Unified, are revising their thinking on his educational ritual. Unfortunately, L.A. Unified has produced an inflexible policy which mandates that with the exception of some advanced courses, homework may no longer count for more than 10% of a student’s academic grade。
This rule is meant to address the difficulty that students from impoverished or chaotic homes might have in completing their homework. But the policy is unclear and contradictory. Certainly, no homework should be assigned that students cannot do without expensive equipment. But if the district is essentially giving a pass to students who do not do their homework because of complicated family lives, it is going riskily close to the implication that standards need to be lowered for poor children。
District administrators say that homework will still be a pat of schooling: teachers are allowed to assign as much of it as they want. But with homework counting for no more than 10% of their grades, students can easily skip half their homework and see vey little difference on their report cards. Some students might do well on state tests without completing their homework, but what about the students who performed well on the tests and did their homework? It is quite possible that the homework helped. Yet rather than empowering teachers to find what works best for their students, the policy imposes a flat, across-the-board rule。At the same time, the policy addresses none of the truly thorny questions about homework. If the district finds homework to be unimportant to its students’ academic achievement, it should move to reduce or eliminate the assignments, not make them count for almost nothing. Conversely, if homework does nothing to ensure that the homework students are not assigning more than they are willing to review and correct。
The homework rules should be put on hold while the school board, which is responsible for setting educational policy, looks into the matter and conducts public hearings. It is not too late for L.A. Unified to do homework right。
21.It is implied in paragraph 1 that nowadays homework。
[A] is receiving more criticism
[B]is no longer an educational ritual
[C]is not required for advanced courses
[D]is gaining more preferences
22.L.A.Unified has made the rule about homework mainly because poor students。
[A]tend to have moderate expectations for their education
[B]have asked for a different educational standard
[C]may have problems finishing their homework
[D]have voiced their complaints about homework
23.According to Paragraph 3,one problem with the policy is that it may。
[A]discourage students from doing homework
[B]result in students
[C]undermine the authority of state tests
[D]restrict teachers' power in education
24. As mentioned in Paragraph 4, a key question unanswered about homework is whether______. [A] it should be eliminated
[B]it counts much in schooling
[C]it places extra burdens on teachers
[D]it is important for grades
25.A suitable title for this text could be______。
[A]Wrong Interpretation of an Educational Policy
[B]A Welcomed Policy for Poor Students
[C]Thorny Questions about Homework
[D]A Faulty Approach to Homework